BLOOD & GLORY, a new beginning.

Hi guys!
Today I am showing you my Pinterest boards & other things to do with my fantasy WIP.

In a nutshell,
Blood & Glory is a story of resistance & movement. It follows a rag-tag group of assassins as they start a movement to overthrow the king. There’s a lot of darkness which will end up making this an ADULT fantasy, but it’s something I’ve been working on for ages. 

Any way, here is the link, and some photos


Besides this, I wanted to share a few lines of what I have, this IS the first draft though so it really has only been spell checked… aka be nice, please!

The sky was cast in winters morning glow the day that Acarthe’s demise began. Frost clinging to surrounding pines, the poor hidden under layers of tattered clothing and the rich dressed in their finery, sniping at each other likes crows over a carcass. But Kaliya Adracoss had no time for such things, with the earth biting into her knees and a sword at her spine,she had only eyes for her father standing before her. His posture screamed of the royalty that he was, white robes cascading off his shoulders, practically dripping in gold and finery. She knew the crown on his head weighed a ton, she had tried it on as a child when she scurried around the castle. Yet he held his head high, ignoring his own daughter like she was vermin beneath his feet. She may be a traitor to the crown but he was far worse then anything she could ever be. He was a liar in many eyes but he was also a killer, she just had to prove it.

Here’s the link to my Spotify playlist too! 

I guess what I’m hoping to achieve by sharing this stuff, is to find others who love writing novels or watching the process happen, because that’s something I’ve always loved and I want to talk to you guys all about my story and characters

Overall, I’m so excited to be working on this project and I want to share more with you. Let me know down below what you think and if you’re a writer too.



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