Where I went wrong this month…

Hi friends,
long time no see, huh?


I’ve got a terrible habit of burning myself out. I spend weeks working so intently on one thing that eventually I  hit a wall and don’t even want to look at it again, and I never remember to pace myself out. But I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Not only, have I spent the last month not even looking at wordpress, I have only read one book as of the 21st which considering I read 10 books last month, is just insane. 

So where did I go wrong this month?

Well with wordpress, obviously I need to use that schedule function more, but with reading I think it’s a little harder to figure out.

If I had’ve read 4 books this month, I’d still be happy, but even on my worst months I read atleast 3 books. 1 is unheard of for me. And I finished that book on the 6th after lots of crying. (IT WAS ERAGON, CAN YOU BLAME ME? 😭😭😭)

Since then, I’ve started two books that are atleast 4 star reads, I’m loving them both and making decent headway into them. But I’ve been reading them both for 11 days…. that’s just weird for me. I am the kind of person that if I can get away with it, I love to sit down and read my books all in one sitting, of course with larger books this doesn’t work but you get my point!

I think my error this month though, has been not making reading a priority. I keep just brushing it off, saying I’ll read when I want to. When in reality I’ve only been picking up one of the books because it’s on my phone and I have no games on it. I never really thought about how much of an impact can be made by your mental head space but as soon as I stopped treating reading like a priority, I stopped reading.

So I have seven days to fix that… It’s not impossible by any shot, I have about 100 pages left in each book, and the next two books I have planned for after this are ones I desperately want to read (Eldest & Skyward) So I’m going to try make reading a priority for the next week. 

I’ll try read my physical book before going to bed every night, and I need to make some progress on my ebook every day too. I’ll try to trade in mindlessly scrolling through instagram and reddit for reading.

Do you make reading a priority? or do you just read whenever you want to?


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5 thoughts on “Where I went wrong this month…

  1. I make a point to read at least 10 min. a day. But, for me it is more as making time for me and making myself a priority because I get caught up in my ever growing to do list and forget to do the things that make me happy and do things that are relaxing. Even if I even up reading more great, if not I had a little me time and I feel refreshed. I hope that makes sense.

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