horribly amazing – THE WICKED KING REVIEW



enjoyment – 5
Characters – 5
Plot – 5
Pacing – 5
Writing quality – 5
Final rating: 5
-literally ever character
-the plot twists that just piled up and were so perfect

First of all don’t go into this book looking for a happy ending. You get one, and then it gets ripped from your chest while your heart is still beating. By the time I finished this book I was fuming with anger and I ended up throwing this book across the room before putting it in a place of glory on my shelves because god damn it Holly Black, you did it again.

The Wicked King is the sequel to The Cruel Prince and an amazing one at that. This sequel picks up shortly after TCP and continues to follow Jude and Cardan as they navigate the world of the fae. Cardan is on the throne, Jude has power over him and new players come into the field. This sequel really ramped up the political tension in the story. It made you wary and distrustful of everyone around you.

The characters in this novel were just delightful. Some were kind, others down right despicable. It was full of characters that confounded and confused you with the way their alliances changed, or their moves came to play. But every single one of them was 3D and realistic.

The plot, pacing and writing in this novel were perfect. You were dragged along at a easy to keep up pace, and shown whimsical writing that left you in awe. But every time you got comfortable in the world and with the story, Holly would throw a new curve ball at you and reveal something you were never expecting.

Overall I enjoyed my time reading this novel so much, and cannot wait another year to get my hands on the sequel.

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