A bit of a let down – TWO CAN KEEP A SECRET REVIEW


enjoyment – 2
Characters – 2
Plot – 2
Pacing – 3
Writing quality – 4
Final rating: 2.5

-the last line
-how easy it was to read

-the predictability
-it didn’t live up to the hype

This was a bit of a let down. Two can Keep a secret is a book I was really excited for, and I didn’t even get half of what I was hoping for.
First off, don’t get me wrong. The writing was good, and the potential was there. I think if you haven’t read a lot of mystery’s, you might actually enjoy this one. But for me I had guessed the people involved on page one, and I was still unsurprised by page 319.

This was a dual perspective YA mystery that followed Ellery, a girl with ties to a town that she’s now forced to live in. And Malcom, a boy who has always lived in Echo Ridge, under the shadow of his brother who was suspected of murder.
Plot wise, this was lacking. If you stopped to think about who could have done the murders, you would land on maybe 2-5 people. It wasn’t that hard to pick the right ones. I felt like the whole time I was sitting there waiting to be proven right, and when I was, I was just disappointed.

The characters were rather 2D, even the main ones. Ellery felt like nothing more than her love of true crime and Malcom felt like nothing more than the cliche love interest.

The only redeeming quality to this novel for me, was Karen’s writing style. I admired it in her first book (which I much preferred) and she still has the talent of writing. Her sentences flow beautifully it was just a shame that the story wasn’t there.

I feel like this was just the norm for a sophomore novel. It couldn’t live up to the debuts hype, and so there was no way for it to win. I will be looking into any other books she writes however as her first one was good, and this had potential.


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