In five days I will be…

…on a plane.

Hello friends it’s time for a life update! 

In five days time (or really four days and a few hours by this point) I will be leaving my small home town, and embarking on a 27 hour flight. Where in the world to?



This is something I’ve been planning for seven months and it’s finally happening! I’ll be gone from New Zealand for around 22 days, and I wont be back to my little home city for 30 days.

I’m super lucky to be visiting a whole heap of countries, and catching up with friends so I know I am going to adore my time. HOWEVER, this does mean I wont be around on social media much, nor will reading really be my priority.

ALSO, for Daughter of Smoke and Bone fans, guess what bridge I’m going to see????


Oh hell yeah. The Charles Bridge. I can’t wait.

Okay, okay, enough blabbering! I have posts scheduled to go up once a week until I’m back, and while I wont be around much, I’ll definitely check in on Instagram, so follow me over there if you want a few photos of everything that goes on!

I’ll catch you all when I’m back


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