A thriller with a twist of truth | THE HELICOPTER HEIST REVIEW



enjoyment – 2
Characters – 2
Plot – 2
Pacing – 2
Writing quality – 2
Final rating: 2


I liked
– the plot twist

I disliked
-the writing
-the pacing
-the mix of fiction and non fiction


The helicopter heist is an adult thriller based off real events in Sweden. A group of men plan a heist, and with each day, and each new member of their team, the heist becomes more and more outrageous.

First off, because this is based off a real event, you know what happens. Sure the plot twist is intriguing but you know they’re going to get away with it because in real life they did. That element alone took alot of pleasure out of this book because you knew they were going to get away with it.

The author does take creative liberties with this novel. It is written from multiple perspectives, most being from the criminals and while some information might have been taken from the investigation tapes if the Author had permission from the Swedish police force to view them, you can still tell most of it is just made up. I think it’s so obvious because everything happens so smoothly. Like a line of events was laid out, and then whatever puzzle pieces that could vaguely fit, were squeezed in for dramatic purposes. This left the novel feeling like an unrealistic thriller, and also felt like it wasn’t true to the real crime.

Overall the writing and pacing were not very good. Scenes dragged out far longer than they needed to be, and often the internal dialogue and thoughts of the characters felt irrelevant and forced. I feel like this novel could have done with alot of scenes being removed. It clocked in at nearly 500 pages and it felt like it could have stopped at 300.

We had no need for some characters who were present, such as the perspective of the police. All those perspectives did was show “how smart” the criminals we’re and what the investigation was doing. There were also a lot of loose ends. What happened to that officer? What happened to her first investigation? What happened to the old pilot who turned them in? What happened to everyone post the last scene? Overall I feel like there were more questions left than there were answered.

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the event and wants to read a fictional take on it, otherwise, I’d pass on this one.


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