Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone review… well kind of

Hell friends,

today it’s time to talk about a book I recently re-read

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone.


enjoyment – 5
Characters – 5
Plot – 5
Pacing – 5
Writing quality – 5
Final rating: 5
-The history
-The characters
-The atmosphere
-Voldey-pants >:((((((((((((((((((((
Right, this book is like home to me. And I’m so sure it is to many others. I was lucky to never have parents or family like the dursleys or malfoys, but I always wished I’d be wisked away to hogwarts.
Personally I got on the hogwarts train later than most, I really got into Harry Potter when I was 13, on the release of the second half of the deathly hallows movie.

My sister took me to a midnight screening and I bawled my eyes out and didn’t sleep at all that night. But, I hadn’t read the books by then, and I still didn’t.

I first picked up this book at around 17 when I got back into reading. I instantly fell in love with the characters. At the time, Hermione was everything I aspired to be, and I wished I was best friends with Harry Potter (Even though back then I knew I was a slytherin to my core)

I read it again at 20, and most recently this month at 21 so I’m quite far behind the people who have read it 6+ times, but I can’t wait to get there.

I think my favorite part of the whole book, was the golden trio’s progression through the tests that lead to the philosophers stone. I loved seeing the ways they worked together as  a team, and how obvious it was that Harry would not have made it that far without Ron or Hermione.

Overall this is just a small gushing post because I love this series so damn much.

Also, need something to cheer yourself up with? Think about this. When Fred and George are throwing snowballs at the back of Professor Quirrel’s head….. they were hitting Voldemort in the face, you’re welcome ! 

*This post is scheduled and I’m currently away, but I’ll come back to check on my emails & posts mid May!*


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