Hello bookworms,

Today I have a very exciting post. A few weeks ago, PenguinNZ messaged me with an awesome offer. They would send me a box to do with a new goodreads group,  in exhange for me writing a post about it? and how could I say no!


It finally arrived and it was SUCH a good box too! But before I show you how awesome the box was, let’s talk about the goodreads group. 


Is a goodreads group aimed at kiwis who are fans of YA novels. It’s a place for us to all gather and talk about upcoming releases and our favourite books. And what’s even better? Penguin themselves will often be hosting giveaways and offering ARC’s on there. It’s every readers wildest dream so don’t hesitate, join the group now!

Now, onto the amazing unboxing.

Here’s the first thing, a beautiful bag. I love this because it has a long strap sop it can be worn cross body style, and its so much better for the environment to use bags like this when you go shopping!


next up was a cute little sampler of a new release that’s just come out, LOVE, LIE REPEAT. This excerpt had me so hooked that I had to go and request a review copy of this book IMMEDIATLEY. here’s it’s goodreads page. 


For the ever curious reader, here is the letter that came with this package, giving some info on the group


There was also a cute poster, showing off some upcoming releases to get hyped about!


I loved these bookmarks. As a fan of classics this was a fun touch and made me want to go out to buy these classics, just to use with these bookmarks (So far I’ve read Lolita & Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I’m currently reading The Secret History)


Now this is where the unboxing get’s cool, we got given a superproof! This featured the first chapter of all the listed books to get everyone hyped about their releases and I find that so cool!


Next, we had some very cute pencils!

And finally, the book! It was INVISIBLY BREATHING by Eileen Merriman. my review of this book can be found HERE. I wish the book picked was one that I hadn’t read already, but it was a fun read so I hope everyone else enjoyed it, and my copy will be going to the local library for someone else to enjoy


Well, that’s it! I loved this box and want to give a massive thank you to penguin for sending it to me.

*This post is scheduled and I’m currently away, but I’ll come back to check on my emails & posts mid May!*


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