A surprising end | FOUR DEAD QUEENS REVIEW


IMG20190320092922 (1).jpg

enjoyment – 4
Characters – 5
Plot – 4
Pacing – 3
Writing quality – 5
Final rating: 4

What I liked

-the world building
-the politics
-the depth of the characters
-the plot twists!!!!

What I was meh about

-it was a very slow start. I was not.hooked till around page 200


Wow, this book really did take me by surprise. I went into this dragging my feet and was pleasantly surprised by the end of this. 

I had heard mostly good things about this novel before I began reading it, which got me really excited for it. I had quite high hopes and was definitely craving a good book. Then I read the first 50 pages, it was lacking, and then I got to page 160 and was so over it. Personally, I believe this plot and character development was ignored to focus on the world building. Of course, little bits of plot and character development was weaved in, but it really didn’t feel like it was enough. It was like slugging through the first 200 pages.

But, once you got past that point, you were introduced to a magnificent world. The history was well thought out, the characters full of depth and the plot twists never stopped coming.

The plot was well thought out. It featured one overarching plot, and how multiple characters contributed to it, and were effected by it. It was interesting to see the same event happen from different perspectives, and to see the lead up and aftermath.

The writing style too was very unique. You cannot tell the timeline while reading this, sometimes it feels like certain characters are in the past or future, and it’s not until the very end that you figure out how the timeline has been working.  Astrid also has a magnificent way with words, intertwining beautiful quotes with bloody murder and politics. 

Overall, my favourite part of this novel was the characters. You meet them, and see the role they will play. But unlike in many novels, they are so much more. You learn what each queen is hiding, and why people would want them dead. Then you begin to bond with them, and learn about what they love. In the case of one of our characters Keralie, you watch her undergo a mass change, from being a pawn to being a knight, in control of her own future.

The plot twists were very well done in this book. There were two major ones at the end, and they both surprised me. I found that to be amazing as so often it’s easy to guess what’s coming but for me this felt fresh and enticing.

I really enjoyed my time reading this novel, even with a very slow start.

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