How I organise my bookshelves

Hello friends,
It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my bookshelves (which are of course my pride and joy) so I thought this would be a good subject to hit, no?


So first off, let’s have a look at my bookshelves.

Here is my TBR shelves and here is my Read shelves. 


The first obvious thing about them is that they are organised by colour. Personally I find the aesthetic of the colours melding from one to another, really relaxing. So I chose to follow this, for the MOST part.


As you can see here in the TBR shelves, The top two are not organised by colour. The top left, is new to me books (and the three lying down are the ones going to Europe with me) These are books I’ve brought this year.

Beside this, on the top right, are the books I want to get to ASAP. Now, I picked these books about two months ago so they don’t fit that anymore, but this is normally where the books I’m most excited about reading for the next 3 months go!


And on the read shelves, I have my favorites face out, and I have one shelf dedicated to my FAERIETALECANDLES candles (she’s currently on holiday and a candle making break, but check her out!) and one to Harry Potter of course.

How do YOU organise your shelves?

*This post is scheduled and I’m currently away, but I’ll come back to check on my emails & posts mid May!*


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