Why I use notecards in my books

Hello friends,

How are you guys doing? Today I thought I’d talk about something that I don’t see alot of other readers do, which is, that I use notecards in my books quite often. 


Here’s an example in a book I’m currently reading as I write this post.

In the case of Four Dead Queens, I found this to be packed full of important details and theories. There was so much information especially in the start of this book that I wanted to keep track of. 

While I like tabbing my books, I only do that for things I enjoy, find funny, love, cry about etc etc. Things that I want to refer to when I reread the book or when I write my review. Things that made me feel. I can’t personally tab important information because I tend to lose it in the mass of the book and get fustrated when I can’t find it. Hence why making a notecard and using it as a bookmark means I always have that important information at the tip of my fingers while reading. 

I also like to write a summary of my thoughts every hundred pages, I’ll title a little section as “pages 1-100” for example and while reading to page 100, I’ll write down any thoughts or theories I have. Then at page 100 I’ll write down a quick summary of how I’m feeling about the book, then start a new section. This tactic alone has been a LIFESAVER for writing reviews. Especially when I forget things in the book, or I forget to write my review for a few days, it makes it so much easier.

I don’t use notecards for every book. Normally I use them solely for review books, and books that make me think alot, i.e high fantasys and thrillers. But sometimes, I use them anyways just to note down random things.

For example, out of the books I’m taking to Europe, I know I will use them in The Priory of The Orange Tree because of how dense it is, The Secret History because I know that book will make me think. But I’m not so sure I will use them in The Dream Thieves. We’ll see though.

Do you do something like this? Tell me in the comments below.

*This post is scheduled and I’m currently away, but I’ll come back to check on my emails & posts mid May!*


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5 thoughts on “Why I use notecards in my books

  1. So something I use to help my reviews mostly but also to just save information from books is to make a special page in my notebook where I would write one sentence thoughts every few pages/chapters. I’d put down quotes, ideas, thoughts, how i’m feeling. It’s nice to look back on them after months and laugh at my reactions.

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  2. Oh, this is a good idea. I sometimes use large lined post it notes and write down my notes and page number, then when it is filled I leave it on page of the last note I added and start a new one. Thanks for sharing this, it is a great idea and the bonus of a bookmark is great.

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  3. Ive seen quite a few other people do this and it seems like such a good idea. I think this would be especially worth it if you’re reading a really long book like Way of Kings or something so you can keep the facts straight as you’re making your way through the 1000+ pages. Definitely, something i’d consider doing. Thanks for sharing xxx

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