best books of 2019

Hello bookworms,
Can you believe it’s already the sixth month? halfway till the year is over? I swear as you get older, time runs faster.
Today I thought I’d look back on the books I’ve rated 5 stars so far this year, and have a little talk about them
so, in no particular order here are my 5 star ratings so far


the fork the witch and the worm – Christopher Paolini

This was my first forray into the world of eragon and oh my did I LOVE it! The dragons, the characters. All of it felt so wholesome and gave me the same I’m home vibes as Harry Potter has always given me. After I read this I had to go out and buy the Eragon series of course.

the wicked king – Holly Black

No book has ever made me as angry and happy at the same time. I hate and love this book in the best way. The characters do horrendous things for the best of reasons and it kills me everytime because you can see what’s not being said and that drives you insane !

attack on titan 1 – Hajime Isayama 

This is a series I genuinely never thought I’d pick up and I might be biased but I read this in Copenhagen, sitting against Cinema Palads Teatret (google it, it is BEAUTIFUL) with my best friend whom I had met for the first time like 24 hours before. It’s a moment I will forever be nostolgic over and weirdly is my favourite part of the whole trip. ANYWAYS, I’m biased because the set up was perfect but I did end up being SO offended at the ending of volume 1 like how dare they do Erin so dirty?

banana fish 1,2 & 5 – Akimi Yoshida

The same friend from Copenhagen recommended these to me and honestly, they’re my favourite manga ever and even with the tragic ending I know is coming (damn you spoilers!) I can’t help but love the dysfunctional characters and the course that’s been set for them

harry potter 1 & 2 – j.k rowling 

A classic right? Who can read this and not love it? not me for sure. I reread these when I was in a bad reading slump and it was perfect

I hear the sunspot – Yuki Fumino

Okay so it’s obvious. I only get Manga recommendations from one friend but I regret NOTHING. She has the best recommendations. This is the SWEETEST manga you will ever read and I need to get a physical copy bc it just warms my cold dead heart.

So those were my 5 star ratings so far this year, 
Were any of them 5 star ratings for you too? 


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