Hello Bookworms,

It’s finally the sixth month of the year which means it’s time to look back on how my reading has gone. First, before I even look at any statistics, let’s talk about how I FEEL my reading went.


In one word, poorly. I know I’ve read all of thirty something books so far this year which shows my reading has slowed down. I’ve found that I’m not reaching for books as often as I used to, and it’s taking me longer to read them, yet I have less on my plate than I did last year. I’m not super disappointed per say, because I still have six month to fix this, but I feel like I do need to do something to fix it.


I read, 33 BOOKS.

Let’s look at the age range… 

Screenshot (64)

0 for MG, 16 YA and 17 ADULT. I’m pretty okay with this. every past time i’ve done this, YA has far outweighed Adult, and It’s nice to see them being so similar

Now let’s look at the genres

Screenshot (65)

Fantasy is the unsurprising winner, but Manga is a close-ish second and that is really unusual for me, It’s mainly because of Banana fish which I’ve read five volumes of.

onto what I’ve read series wise/standalone wise 

Screenshot (66)

I read alot of stand alones, and only finished one series, oops? I need to fix that

Finally, my ratings. 

Screenshot (67)

So, this tells me a lot about the first six months. It’s been pretty good in terms of liking books and the genres I’m reading. Just not so much on the amount I’ve read and not finishing series.

How has the first six months been for you reading wise? 


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  1. Mine has been good, 44 books so far, which is more than the same time last year. But I’m finding the more time I spend writing fiction, the harder it is to settle to reading it, especially fantasy, which is the genre I write in. I think I might have to put the fantasy reading on hold for a while and concentrate on other genres and non-fiction. I’m very impressed with your stats and charts, by the way!

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