Yay or nay: FENCE 1&2

Welcome to a new style of post that you start to see more of! it’s called, yay or nay and it’s, in essence, a super quick spoiler-free mini review that lets you see the reasons why or why not to read something.

It’s going to be more light-hearted and often for Comics/Manga/Graphic novels!

Let me know down below if you like this style of quick post!



-D I V E R S I T Y (we see alot of POC and I feel like there is going to be possible bi/pan rep)

-the beginnings of enemies to lovers

-a solid set up of the story



-theyre comics so each volume is only like 25 pages

-its unfinISHED

-can you tell there aren’t any nay’s ?

Alright, folks let’s talk FENCE.

I would recommend this for fans of ALL FOR THE GAME! Because the MC and LI remind me alot of Neil & Kevin.
If you haven’t read Fence, it’s a Sports based comic that feels like it’s going to be getting darker and darker.

So if you like

  • enemies to lovers
  • sports based stories
  • something dark with humorous moments.

Then this is for you!


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