mid month check in! A U G U S T



hello bookworms! How are you this month? Have you been reading much?

For some reason, I decided I wanted to do a mid-month check-in relating to #arcaugust. It’s just past the middle of the month and I haven’t read as much as I wanted, but I also have to take into account the fact that I’m in the process of buying a house and trust me when I say that is damn stressful!


So how has my reading been going?

1 Well, the first book I finished was on the 4th. I finished THE ESSEX SERPENT by SARAH PERRY. It was a book I borrowed from a co-worker and It was a decent read. I definitely preferred Melmoth, her second novel but I still enjoyed my time with this one. This didn’t count towards ARCAugust

Then, I DNF’ED EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE, EVERYTHING by Katy Warner. I found the characters to be too childish and there was constant shortening of words that just really bugged me. That was the first ARC off my shelf.

2. Then I got to sit down and read NINTH HOUSE by Leigh Bardugo. (Review coming this week) I really enjoyed this one and can’t wait for others to read it. While this wasn’t my own copy, instead it was one from work, I’m counting it as it’s an ARC I would have tried to get my hands on anyways.

3. The third book I finished was THE EX by Nicola Moriarty. This was a quick, easy to read Australian thriller. (Again, review coming this week) I found this fun and smart. It was an ARC too so I was happy to get this off my shelf.

4. The fourth book I got around to was NAVIGATING THE STARS by Maria V Snyder. (Review coming next week) And ugh, oh boy, this was the book that solidified for me that Maria V Snyders books will be nothing more than palette cleansers for me. Bleh. But it was an Arc so yay.

I DNF’ED THE GIRL KING by Mimi Yu, and uh well. I’m feeling guilty and y’all can blame book twitter. I DNF’ed this because I didn’t realize how aggressively sister against sister it was, and I just, am not into that? BUT, then someone on Book Twitter said we shouldn’t DNF for stupid reasons so now I’m feeling weird about DNF’ing this and this is another reason why I’m not the biggest book twitter fan. ANYWAYS, this is just moving to my ‘will give a second chance one-day’ shelf. Bc, feeling guilty.

5. I finished SKYWARD by Brandon Sanderson which might steal the spot for my favourite book of the month. I was hooked by page 50 and crying by page 150. This was so well written with beautiful characters and a world I desperately want to be apart of. I have never wanted to be a spaceship pilot more than I do right now.


I’m currently reading REAPER AT THE GATES. It’s another ARC Copy I’m reading and this time it’s a buddy read with FAERIETALECANDLES (who has an anniversary sale on!) I’m only about 100 pages in but I will admit this feels quite info-dumpy and not super quick to read.

I’ll also be picking up FRANKLY IN LOVE at some point today to read. Again it’s a review copy.


After reading those five books (and DNF’ed two) It means I have read FIVE ARCS.
I now have FOUR ARCS left. (TWO, if you don’t count the ones I’m currently reading)

So, my plan of attack for the rest of the month (A piddly 12 days) Is to finish reaper and frankly by Friday as that is move-in day! That means I can spend the weekend reading LEGENDARY since I know I will be bored sleeping in the new house with nothing to do but read. That means I have six days to read IN THE AFTERLIGHT….. my last review book to get to (if no new ones arrive) Holy Moly, I might get my review pile down to Z E R O.


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