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Hi bookworms,
are you well?

This is a super small and late post showing off what I designed for my reading planner of OCTOBER 2019. This is the first month that I’ve created this and I loved it. So onto the photos and explanations! I took these photos on the third but it’s definitely later than that when I’m posting this

Here are my opening pages!


Every month I include pretty much the same things.
I always have a set of 30/31 boxes that I colour in for EACH DAY I READ, This month I’ve used two colours to distinguish between audiobooks and physical reads as I’m trying to get into listening to more audiobooks!
I also ALWAYS include a PAGES READ layout because I like to guilt-trip myself into reading more
I always have a section for ARC’s and in all honesty, for the last few months, it took up half the page. Luckily it doesn’t take up much room now so I can add more stuff in! In all honesty, I like only having a few things that I am forced to read.
And finally, the latest editions are my TBR JAR box. I started this last month and I think it looks cute.
To fit the spooky vibe for the month I drew a little ghost and a spooky tree thing.

Onto the next page!


This page is a little less full! I always use a full page to dedicate towards my blog posts of the month. It lets me make sure that I have enough posts going up! I paired it with a cute Tombstone that says “R.I.P to all the books I’ll never read” because relatable.

On the other side, I do my FAVS AREA This is where I list down my favourite three books at the end of each month.
Under that is the HAUL section which is self-explanatory,
and finally, the WRAP-UP section is where I write the name and author of each book I read that month to refer to when writing my wrap up! And let’s not talk about the cauldron I drew bc it didn’t turn out great


So, tell me down below, would you like this to become a monthly thing? and if so, would you like to see my monthly set up for my art/bujo? 


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