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Hello bookworms,
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Today’s post is a photo unboxing of JESSICAJADEDESIGNS Bookmarks and stickers!

If you’re into videos, go check out my instagram HERE and watch my IGTV video of the unboxing, otherwise, buckle in to see some beautiful stuff.


Now, a disclaimer, I was picked as a rep for Jessica, which means I get sent free products that I pick, in exchange for showing them off to you guys over on instagram. But I’ve been friends with Jess for nearly six months now and I truly adore her work, so I wanted to share it here too.

You can use the code FICTION15 when you buy any of her products to get a discount, and to tell her that I’m doing a great job as a rep πŸ˜‰



The first product I unboxed was one of Jess’s classic bookmarks, this one is a NEVERNIGHT inspired bookmark with the motto of house Corvere. I adore the background and different fonts on this one! NEVERNIGHT BOOKMARK BUY HERE.


Heres another bookmark, this time of a quote from CARAVAL, I’m currently reading Legendary so this is now my bookmark for that book and I just, love this quote so much.


I have to admit, this is probably my favourite bookmark, because I am pure trash for THE RAVEN BOYS. I love the stars in the background of this, and just the vibes it gives off.


last but not least, a bookmark of my favourite read in September, Sorcery of Thorns. Jess perfectly captures the essence of this book in this bookmark so I am dying over it SORCERY OF THORNS BOOKMARKS BUY HERE


And onto the exciting, magnetic bookmark, I don’t know why but these are just, SO beautiful to me and I always want more of her magnetic bookmarks! an FYI if you’re worried, these do NOT rip out your pages at all! RAVEN BOYS BOOKMARKS BUY HERE


Finally, it’s time for stickers. I didn’t pick these ones, instead, Jess sent me a few random ones and they are gorgeous. As you can see, I already have some on my sketchbook and they look so so good! (the wolf and stars on my sketchbook!) ACOTAR STICKERS BUY HERE


So, what do you think of her products? I know I adore them, and I have four of her newer items sitting in my basket to be brought on payday!

Thanks for reading and an insanely massive thank you to Jess for picking me as one of her new reps!!!


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