I’m on a book buying ban?


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Hello Bookworms,

The saddest time is upon me, a book buying ban. This is the most dreaded time of the year for any bookworm, the moment where you must put a hold on all book buying. I know, I know, How am I going to survive?Β 


So, the biggest reason for this is space and the sheer number of books on my TBR already. I have wall shelves, and while they are big, they are getting very very close to full. I have three shelves of read books, one of half manga and half TBR, and a full TBR shelf. I haven’t actually counted all of them lately, simply because I don’t want to know how bad my habits have gotten πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Last time I checked it was about 160, and it might have grown a touch since I last checked. So because my shelves are almost at full capacity, I need to put a hold on all my buying.


Personally, I keep books that I rate 3 stars plus, and I will go ahead and cull my shelves every couple of months of books I don’t see myself ever re-reading, or of books that don’t make me feel super happy inside. But, I do have dreams of having my own library room when I move out of this house eventually, so I don’t want to force myself to cull books I love. I think the best way to deal with this, is to have this book buying ban last till 2020.Β 

Yes, a book buying ban for three months, including my own birthday month. My theory is if I go on a book buying ban for this long, I should have more time and be semi forced to focus on the books that are already on my shelf! which means I can get that MASSIVE tbr down to something managable, and possibly make some room for other books to eventually come to me.


Now, my book buying ban DOESN’T include a few things.

  1. REVIEW COPIES – If a publisher sends me a book, or I request one, that’s fine, because it gets rid of that urge to go buy books
  2. BOOKS FROM WORK – If there are any books I can pick up from work, I think that’s fair game.
  3. MY BIRTHDAY & CHRISTMAS – What if someone gives me a giftcard to a bookshop or something? I think for these two situations, I can buy some books with whatever comes my way.

With these exclusions, I feel like I’ll have a solid chance to actually complete this book buying ban


So let’s talk, have you ever gone on a book buying ban? If so, we’re you successful?


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