my 2020 reading journal


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Hello bookworms,
are you well?

Today’s post is one that I’ve been working on for a while, and I finally have all the yearly spreads I need in it, and I love how it looks!


That’s right, today’s post is my reading journal for 2020! I know some popular YouTubers do it like booksandlala but I always had a two page spread in my Bujo for my reading. Until last year where I finally made my own reading journal in June, and I’ve never looked back since.


A reading journal is a bullet journal, but for your books. You track things like what you’ve read when you’ve been reading, what series you’re in the middle of, what you’ve hauled this month etc etc

In this post, I’ll just show you some photos of the pages I’ve made! So here we go…

this key goes with the books I read, i.e book title and then a colour in the order I’ve organised so I can tell genre, age range, author, when I read it, and how old it was etc etc.


this is for the publishers I work with. I limit myself to 4 a month and this helps me keep track.



If any of these photos inspired you, please let me know!


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15 thoughts on “my 2020 reading journal

    1. I think this is very common! Even for me, I haven’t picked mine up in a few days. I think the best way is to make a habit/ritual out of it but pairing it up with something you do. My plan is to drink my coffee, do my Duolingo and then check my journals every morning ☺️ I find building a habit off your old habits really helps


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