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Writing Style/Quality: 3.5
Plot: 3
Characters & their development: 4
Originality: 3
Pacing: 3
Personal enjoyment: 4
Final rating: 3
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I liked
-world building
-the relationships

I disliked
-issues with writing (some was bland and skimmable)
-relied on some tropes that are overused

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In the Cyrilian Empire, Affinites are reviled. Their varied gifts to control the world around them are unnatural—dangerous. And Anastacya Mikhailov, the crown princess, has a terrifying secret. Her deadly Affinity to blood is her curse and the reason she has lived her life hidden behind palace walls.

When Ana’s father, the emperor, is murdered, her world is shattered. Framed as his killer, Ana must flee the palace to save her life. And to clear her name, she must find her father’s murderer on her own. But the Cyrilia beyond the palace walls is far different from the one she thought she knew. Corruption rules the land, and a greater conspiracy is at work—one that threatens the very balance of her world. And there is only one person corrupt enough to help Ana get to its core: Ramson Quicktongue.

A cunning crime lord of the Cyrilian underworld, Ramson has sinister plans—though he might have met his match in Ana. Because in this story, the princess might be the most dangerous player of all.

New Project (5) (4)


First, let me say that id you’re here for controversy, you won’t find it. I personally did not find any racist or offensive themes or language in this book, and since it has been edited it seems NO ONE has.

Blood Heir is a debut fantasy novel that follows a princess accused of murder as she tries to clear her name and return to the only family she has. But she has a deep secret, she is an affinite, and if people were to know, they would throw her to the wolves. But in this fantasy story, for once, the princess might just be the wolf herself.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this novel. I had a lot of fun with the banter that came from the main characters, I enjoyed the tense scenes and had my heartstrings pulled with the ending. This was a solid debut fantasy that did a lot of things right, and I really admire both Amelie and the book for that.

However, personally, I couldn’t give this five stars due to the fact that the plot wasn’t always great, or well-paced. There were a few points especially in the first half of the book where it would have been very easy to put it down and never pick it back up. There was nothing really drawing me in until I hit around the 200-page mark.

But, even with that, I still think it deserves a four-star rating. The characters in this story are dimensional and interesting. You can easily fall in love with side characters and I very much did which just showed to me that Amelie had spent time really crafting them and bringing them to life.

As well as great characters there was some amazing world-building. You can tell that this is inspired by imperial Russia and the monarchy. But there is also so much more in it that I was in love. I wanted to know more about Bregonia and the surrounding countries. We got peeks into the religion and deities of the world which was interesting too. Overall this was a vivid world that had been carefully crafted and I loved it.


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  1. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to read this again. I received an ARC last year before the major edit and very much enjoyed it even if there were maybe some issues (I didn’t spot anything especially racist, but then I’m not in a place to comment). I’m just not sure how much they’ve changed and whether there’s really any point.

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    1. I think it’s very hard when you own a different edition that came before the edits. Of course, I’ve only read the finished copy, and can also only go off fellow reviews but it seems like there isn’t anything in the new copy, so I think if you enjoyed it, perhaps reread the new version before the sequel comes out? Only you know what the right choice for you is though 💕


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