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Hello bookish friends and worms alike,
are you well?

Todays post is more of an announcement and showing off some pictures than a review or tag.

in 2020, I want to beat my backlist. Now in 2018, I did the official BEAT THE BACKLIST CHALLENGE, then, in 2019, I set out to try to get through my TBR. Alas, I did really bad this year and really focused on review books, and this year, I’m REALLY focusing on my already owned TBR.

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SO, what is my TBR? 

I could sit here and list every little book on my TBR, instead, I will offer you photos and A LINK TO MY PHYSICALLY OWNED TBR SHELF! Everything on that is fair game. So here’s some photos of my messy TBR shelf

(P.S these photos were taken on the 31st of October bc I am a neurotic planner. So obviously some books won’t be here because I would have read them, and there might be some birthday and Christmas additions, but the GR list is a little more accurate!)

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How am I going to track this? 

Well, I’m glad you asked. I will be using a previously mentioned product, JESSICA JADE DESIGNS BOOKSHELVES! This is a downloadable print she has made for DIRT CHEAP! and once you have it, you can print it as many times as you want which is so great. I will be writing down the book titles in pen on the 31st and that will be my most accurate list of my 2019 and older TBR

Check out THIS POST to learn more about this and how I’m using it.

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Do I think I will get through my whole TBR? 

With it being THIS MANY books high, it’s kind of obvious that I won’t. This year, I won’t be hitting 100 books, and I didn’t hit 100 books last year either, so math kind of says it won’t happen, oops? Thinking about all the review I will request, and any books I will buy, I think, my big goal, is to get my TBR under 100. Even if that means I have 99 books left on the first of 2021, I will call that a damn success.

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So, tell me bookworms,
Are you trying to beat your backlist of books this coming year?


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