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I was looking through my reading journal and I noticed how I give out five stars but those five stars don’t always equal a new favorite book, which got me thinking, what book was my favorite of each month? Thus this post was born and I got a chance to sort of look back at both my reading, and my Instagram. So, I’m going to talk about my favorite book of each month, and if I posted a picture of it on my Instagram, I’ll add that in too so we can see how my Instagram feed has developed over the year.





Gosh, this was my first step into the world of Eragon, and I adored it. It’s a collection of short stories that really introduced you to the characters and the world. Of course there were some spoilers for the main series but this was such a great way for me to see if I was interested in the world of Eragon, which I totally was.
The instagram photo is when I was into cool, minimalistic images which is SO not what my feed is now. If I were to retake this, I wouldn’t mind the simplicity but I’d get rid of the blue tones for sure.




First off, there is no Instagram photo of this as I read it on my phone and still don’t even own the physical copy of this book! BUT It was my first time experiencing Robin Hobbs writing and I have to admit, I loved it. It was slow-moving and totally character-driven but it felt like a real, classic fantasy and I really really really enjoyed my time with it.




Again no photo, because again, I read this on my phone. But I now own the physical copies of volume 1 & 2 so I really should get some photos of their lovely yellow covers! So, this was one of the first Mangas my friend got me into, and I fell in love with the art style, Ash Lynx, Eiji and all the side characters. I could see a misfit family coming together and I fell in love.





So, I only read two books this month,  which meant it was kind of easy to pick my favorite but, alas, everyone should know the story to this one before since I tell it so often, I sat outside a theatre in Copenhagen with my best friend Kimmie (who I miss so much) and read this in one go a few hours before I had to fly out. I was so cut up about the end of this and totally teared up in public. I then made Kimmie take me to the comic store so I could pick up the next three volumes.
Now this image doesn’t reaaaaaaaaally fit my feed, even at the time. but I tried to edit it so I could post it. This was taken from exactly where I sat while reading this and shows the buildings I was looking at. Even though this doesn’t fit my feed, I still love it a lot.




Nora Sakavic, you always hold my heart in a vice-like grip. This is her latest novel and she dropped it with no warning which sent us fans SPIRALLING. So obviously I downloaded the ebook straight away and sat down to read it. It was fun and poetic and featured amazing characters and fantasy elements. I honestly haven’t read anything like it since or before. I wish I had a physical copy but since it is self-published on amazon it’s a little insane price-wise to get it to NZ.





Oh man, I was NOT ready for this. I remember researching what happened in the first books to prepare myself, then I read the first line and had to shut the book again because it was SO GOOD. I read this pretty quickly, and as is common with my favourite books, I bawled my eyes out for the last 100 pages. The best books always make me cry like a baby and this was just a beautiful ending to one of my favourite series.
I’m pretty disappointed that this is the only picture I posted to my Instagram of Holy Sister, since it was one of my favourites! This was the transition phase between when I had a coldish theme that was minimalistic, and when I started making my photos warmer and busier. I definitely don’t like it now, but I’d probably say the same about my current feed in a few months time.





I traded this for an ARC I had because I was kind of interested in it, but I didn’t expect to love it so much. This was really unique and I loved the idea behind it, plus, the ending was something I had not seen in a long time, if not ever. It was the complete opposite of what normally happens in a YA fantasy and that just made it bloody amazing.
Photo wise, this is when the busy theme started and at the time I loved it! Now I can see where I’ve grown from it, but it’s still pretty cool.





Screenshot_2019-10-23-08-08-23-16 (1)

I guess I’m cheating this month? But in my defense Skyward was the best sci fi book I have ever read, and Ninth house is that kind of book that just grows on you and leaves such an impression. I couldn’t choose between either of them because they have made such impressions on me that I am super happy that I read them.
Skywards photo is from back in like Feb, when I first planned to read it, so the style matches that time back there, far more cold etc etc. Where as Ninth Houses photo is one of the first taken in the new house and was the start of my very warm and messy feed which I love.




IMG20190907104609 (1)

I have to admit, I hate this photo ALOT. This image was when I was really testing out the new theme and trying to find my feet with it and as always, when you’re doing that you have some that don’t turn out so well. But Sorcery of Thorns was surprisingly GREAT. I wasn’t a fan of An Enchantment of Ravens but this was so great. The writing was romantic, the characters vibrant and I’m still not over the twist at the end of the story. This was just, magical and fantastical.





This might have taken me like, two weeks to read, but that’s not because it was bad, it’s because I was savouring every moment with this story. It had stories within stories and poetic writing. There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t love about this book and it’s in competition to be my favourite book of the year. Isn’t it weird that the books we love the most, we can never articulate our thoughts on?
Image wise, I ADORE this one. It’s one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken because of the props used and the angle, I just love it alot.




Processed with VSCO with  preset

I think, because of how much I loved THE STARLESS SEA, SKYWARD and NINTH HOUSE, I expected to find a book like that again this month? I still gave CROOKED KINGDOM five stars and ADORED it, but it didn’t worm it’s way into my heart in the way the previously mentioned books did. And you can see my theme hasn’t changed yet, and I still love my wooden board thing ma jig.





December was a bit of a hard reading month. In Nov, I read a lot of books but didn’t fall in LOVE with any of them, and I think reading so many lead me to a reading slump that took over the whole month of December. I read 3 mangas and one novel I believe. So, this was my favorite. I really LOVED Tokyo ghoul and I need to finish the series off. Again, my Instagram theme hasn’t changed.


So, would I consider these my favorite books of the year? in a sense yes. But some have left more lasting impressions than others. I don’t feel like going into a top 3 and bottom 3 like I have in past years, so I hope this suffices reading-wise!
Instagram wise, while my stats have gone down (thanks algorithm) I have come to love my theme and style a lot MORE (as always my IG is linked below!)


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  1. So glad you read and liked Hobb. I finished the Realm of the Elderling series last year. It’s such an amazing fantasy story and I absolutely love the world it’s set in. Of the subseries within it, the Farseer books are one of my favs.

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