Why I think weekly TBR’s work better for me

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If you’ve been following me on INSTAGRAM, you’d see I had recently posted a WEEKLY TBR posts. I wanted to check them out when I realised that monthly TBR’s weren’t working for me.

I found that they were too restrictive for me, and by the time the second week came about, I was already losing interest in reading the books I had picked out, and I wanted to change to read something else off my shelves.
It’s kind of obvious, but yes I am a mood reader. The only exception to this is my review books as I like to get to them in a timely manner. So I would set a TBR of my review books and maybe 3 other books, but then I wouldn’t even want to read them.
It became a bit demotivating, because I would set these TBR’s, and then I would feel constrained by them, like I HAD to read all of these books first, before I could even think about picking something else up.

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So, for me? Monthly TBR’s didn’t work. But then I realised I was already sort of making weekly TBR’s. Most Mondays and Tuesdays, I would go ahead and look at what I was currently reading, my review books, and what I was really excited to get to and sort of make a game plan, I would say I want to finish this book by this day and I want to read a whole book on thus day, and without knowing it, I had made a TBR for the week.

So, I decided to try it out for three weeks and i have some results to share.



I deleted this photo off my Instagram bc it wasn’t the best it could be, but here was my TBR for the 6th to 12th of JAN.
I finished 3/4 of these books, and gave the fourth a go via audiobook. This week worked out REALLY well.


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This week was a little bit of a fail. And it was only partially my fault !! I realised reading two review books at the same time wasn’t going to work for me in terms of my reading goals for the year, so I instead focused on one of them, the one I was furthermost into. Then I also read TG, but when I went to download Lireal as an audiobook………. it had been removed from SCRIBD. SO, if I had’ve prioritized reading, and if SCRIBD hadn’t deleted Lireal, I think this TBR would have gone ahead perfectly. BUT, it was a learning curve! I learned that 4 was just a little too much for a weekly TBR (Honestly, four books in one week? no thanks)


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So I took this photo and made this TBR on the Saturday before, so hopefully my mood doesn’t change, but this feels like a safer pick in my opinion! I have picked IN THE AFTERLIGHT, which is an audiobook I’m already partially into, A review book, THE GOD GAME, a second review book, HEARTSTOPPER 3 (only bc it’s a one day read and I am HIGHLY anticipating it) and as has become my norm, my one volume of TOKYO GHOUL for the week. ( I KNOW, I KNOW, I just said I shouldn’t pick four books. But I would make an exception for a second manga/graphic novel/comic because of how quick they are to read.)

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SO. I don’t really know what this post is, is it an announcement that I will be making weekly TBR’s over on Instagram? Technically. Is it just me rambiling? Also yes. I am someone who loves structure and planning so I guess I was just looking for a way to do that to my reading but in a way that had a little more room to wiggle around.

So, tell me, do you make TBR’s at all?


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7 thoughts on “Why I think weekly TBR’s work better for me

    1. thank you! I was hoping my rambling would be atleast interesting it anything xD and I have found the same! Now that I’m on weekly TBR’s I’m reading alot more of what I want because my mood is what I can base my TBR off of and I love that!

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  1. I agree with you completely. I set myself a monthly TBR for this month and haven’t stuck to it at all because I’m a mood reader too. Since switching to a weekly TBR I’ve enjoyed my reading a lot more ☺️

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