Hello School, Goodbye Free time.

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Hello Bookworms,
are you well?

Todays post is a LIFE UPDATE. I’m sorry if that’s not really something you’re interested in, but I definitely need to get this out in the air so when people see all my posts being scheduled and my social media use being lessened, you won’t think I’ve disappeared!

I’m going back to uni! I’ve actually GONE back to uni. I started classes on Monday, and while I would love to tell you all about them, this beauty of a post is scheduled because I have NO doubt in my mind, that right now I am either studying or napping.

I’ve gone back to get a BACHELORS IN COMMERCE, majoring in ACCOUNTING. 
Please, feel free to lay the boring accounting memes on me, I’m waiting with baited breath. This is a three year course that is full time and will DEFINITELY be eating up my time.

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So, why should you care? 

It means on an average, month, I’ll be pushing my posting back from 3x a week, to 2x a week. So that I can still offer content, but I can make sure it is content that I am proud of. In line with that, for the most part, everything will be scheduled quite in advanced, I don’t want to run out of posts when it comes to exam weeks and I’m too dead on my feet to consider writing something for my blog.

So, my posts will be less frequent, scheduled, and I might be a bit slower with replying to comments etc. Especially while I’m getting settled into a routine.

If for some reason, you’re really into studying stuff and want more of me in your life, I do have a STUDYGRAM ( instagram + study ) SJSNOTES. 

Other than that,
thank you all for sticking with me!


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New Project (5)

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