2020 Q.1 Goals & Planning Q.2 Goals.



Hello, bookworms. We are in a predicament aren’t we? Somehow, we ( or, I) have always believed my lack of reading comes from a lack of time. Alas, sitting at home, stuck in lockdown has proved to me that it is merely the fact that I am L A Z Y. Who knew? Not me…

I don’t want to make goal setting stressful for myself, as I’ve come to realise I’m putting pressure on myself to read more because of external factors. (See this post for more) So these are, for me, pretty relaxed.

ANYWAYS. I set my first quarter goals low because I knew I was going to be BUSY. And now that I’ve had a taste of what this year has install for me, I think I can plan out my second-quarter goals. So let’s talk about my goals that have just been.

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GOAL 1. 
Read or unhaul 15 total books from my 2019 TBR. 
As of the 26th of March, I have read 15 2018 books, and unhauled 1.
So this was a big WIN and I think the pressure to focus on at least 5 books a month from this pile is a good idea. 10 of these I read were manga, so I’m going to have to get my game on as my Manga pile starts dwindling.

Read 20 books total. 
Wow, would you look at that, me? setting easy goals and smashing them?  Truly Iconic.
Again, as of the 26th of march, I have read a grand total of 24 books. (14 of which were manga/graphic novels/comics and 10 which were novels…. oops) I think this is still a good idea. But I want to divide it into Novels and other formats so i focus more on getting my novel tbr pile down, and keep ontop of my manga pile.

Make progress in 3 series. 
I had completed this by mid-FEBUARY. Yes, that is repeated success you hear. I know, I know. I’m amazing. I actually surprised myself with completing this one so quickly. I think I want to keep it on the books tbh.

GOAL 4. 
Catch up on/Finish 1 manga 

Tokyo Ghoul, oh be still my heart. I finished this eaaaaarly in March and it broke my heart. It also sold my soul to the manga community so this will be sticking around I think.

GOAL 5. 
Read 3 older books. 
Good things never last, do they? Because apparently, my winning streak had to crash and burn at some point. I failed this task. I only read one older book and that was in February which was NIGHT. I realised I kind of don’t care how old the books I read are, as long as I’m getting my pre 2020 tbr down. So this goals gotta go.

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So let’s keep things snappy and get onto my goals for the next quarter shall we?


GOAL 1. 
Read/Unhaul 15 books from my 2019 TBR. 
I liked this one, it was a challenge but a good one. So it’ll be sticking around.

GOAL 2. 
Read 10 Novels & 10 Other formats. 
I wanted to be more specific here, so that I couldn’t be lazy and then rush a whole Manga series to make up for it, yknow? So just a slight change from last quarter.

GOAL 3. 
Make progress in 3 series.
This, like last quarter just means I have to continue or finish 3 series. I found the idea of forcing myself to finish 3 series too daunting honestly so this works well.

GOAL 4. 
Keep ontop of my Manga/Graphic Novel TBR.  
This is new! What I mean is, From this point on, I don’t want my unread Manga count to reach above 25 at the end of a quarter. Currently, we’re sitting at 29. It’s just a fraction too high for my comfort levels, so I really want to focus on not letting my “Other” TBR spiral out of control.

GOAL 5. 
Keep my 2020 Tbr under 30. 
I know, it’s pedantic to sit there are have three different TBR’s. But by controlling this years TBR, I feel like I can stop myself from getting into the situation again where I have over 150 novels to read…. So, I currently have 30 books/manga etc on my 2020 TBR list, and by the 30th of June, I want to be somewhere under this. I know I will get new books as the months go on, but I’m hoping to try and keep it equal with the amount that I read so that I don’t let the stack rise up anymore.

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So that’s it for my goals. Do you have any? If so, tell me them down below!


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New Project (5)

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