Black Torch #2 Review


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Art Style: 4
Plot/Story: 4
Characters & their development: 3
Readability: 4
Personal enjoyment: 4
Final rating: 4
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What did I like
-Meeting Mononoke’s
-Some characters showing new developments
-The action
-The Pacing

What didn’t I like
-Besides 3 characters, the rest were dull and stereotypical


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There’s a new squad at the Bureau of Espionage—code name: Black Torch. The squad, run by Shiba, consists of Jiro, Ichika, Hana and one more rookie named Reiji. However, Reiji refuses to work with a guy who has fused with a demon and almost immediately comes to blows with Jiro! Will this squad ever be able to work together?

New Project (5) (4)


Black Torch volume #2 picks right back off where the first volume ended off. We meet the Black Torch squad that we know, and get to meet some additions. Then, its time for a test that doesn’t quite go to plan, but oh boy is it entertaining.

My review for VOLUME 1 can be found RIGHT HERE. And I would recommend reading that first! (in the same way that I hope you’re not picking up volume 2 before volume 1!) But, anyways… We see Jiro come head to head with a new character and it posed an interesting idea, are the people we butt heads with bad or wrong? Or do they just have different viewpoints, and can we sometimes still come together to make a great team?

I think we saw that happen with the introduction of a new character, Reiji. He is the classic know it all, who is also, ofcourse a ninja at the top of his clan. He instantly rubs Jiro the wrong way and we see some bloodshed while Rago sleeps it all off in typical cat fashion.

In that aspect, I did love the characterisation. Two snotty characters learning to work together, a scheming boss who knows best and a weird Mononoke who is honestly super cool. However, again the female lead Ichika is on a typical, ‘my family won’t let me lead the clan because I’m a female’ mission. I understand the importance of pushing female characters, to push the narrative, but I think there are also so many better ways to do it than in such a demeaning fashion. Like, A. why is she wearing booty shorts for her gear when the guys is a full body suit? that makes no sense. and B. Why is she wearing heels? Does no male understand how impossibly hard it is for most of us to walk in them let alone run? Okay yes, they are small ones but my point still stands! Stuff fighting in them.

If I move away from that one gripe, I did really enjoy this volume again. It doesn’t ever feel world bending or earth-shattering, but not every book or manga needs to be that to be a valid story. I enjoyed the dry humour of Rago, the stunned cat art, Jiro looking great and the sass that was littered throughout this. Regardless of if this was received for free or not, I would be picking up the sequel and the whole series by this point (Which is very sadly only 5 volumes long! How dare they!)

I genuinely think this is a great read for those who want an action packed and funny Manga!


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