Mid month check in | Isolation & Friends




Hello bookworms,
we’re going through some trying times, aren’t we?
I wish there was some way I could help all of you get through, but since there isn’t, I wanted to pop by with a calm post full of some of my favourite photos/stories I’ve been making over on INSTAGRAM, and updates on my reading/life in lockdown.

Let me know how your handling things down below, and as always, please be safe & kind.





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I have followers from all over the world, so many things aren’t the same for all of us right now. On Wednesday 26th of March, New Zealand went into total lockdown. From that day forward, I haven’t left the house besides walking my dog and getting groceries. It’s strange but necessary.

Until this weekend past, I was still studying and honestly, there were days I was ready to throw in the towel. I was doing two assignments, one massive one worth 40% of my grade (That thanks to a friends aid, I managed to get an A on) and I worked until the last minute on both of them. I had moments where I doubted if I was good enough to succeed at accounting. There’s something about studying at home, under these conditions that make it an exhausting task.

I didn’t have the energy to read, clean or do very much of anything. Sometimes, being at uni, dealing with a global crisis and having your own mental health issues can be too much. But that’s okay. Right now, life isn’t about taking advantage of your ‘free time’ and creating. It’s about looking after yourself and your loved ones.

New Project (5) (4)





Reading has been trying at this point. Studying so hard had put me in a slump. I then tried to force myself to read books I needed to, instead of what I wanted to and it just made things worse. Originally, I was so excited to participate in the O.W.L’s  but by the time the end of the week rolled around, I was exhausted by the idea of reading certain books in a certain amount of time.  It was actually quite nice to sit down and look at how my reading went for the first 3 months and see it laid out in such an aesthetic way (Bookshelf prints from JessicaJadeDesigns on Etsy). It reminded me that while yes, I’m having a bad reading month, and I haven’t read the most books ever, I am actually making decent progress. The black stands for unhauled and the colours relate to the months that I had read them in. I didn’t make some kind of insane progress, but I could see there really WAS progress and that was satisfying to see.


New Project (5) (4)





This is a small list, but at least it has a nice picture to go with it.

The first thing I read this month was Black Torch vol 2, a manga that I found had some really funny and important moments. A review was recently posted HERE.

I then had to temporarily abandon Chain of Gold. It’s not something I want to read right now, and I’m too sensitive at the moment to read about one of the relationships in there. In the current times, I need to be reading things that don’t make me upset or challenge me. I need the reprieve of fiction to ease everything.

And finally, I finished The Way of the House Husband. Another manga that I wanted to give a go because it was outside of my genre. It’s not something I think I’ll continue with, but it was funny. A review for that is coming soon.



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Right now, as of Sunday night, 12 or so hours before this goes up, I have 45 pages left in The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. I’m hoping to finish that tonight. It’s been a slow read, a little bit dense and sometimes too long-winded, but overall it’s been a nice dip into the world and characters.

After this, my intention is to pick up the manga, All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. A sci-fi manga about a character who keeps dying and coming back to life on a battlefield somewhere in space I believe. I think I need something far from our world at the moment, you know?

That’s quite a long Manga (it’s a standalone) so I’m not truly sure what I’ll read after that, as of writing this post, I think I’d move to try All The Crooked Saints. 



New Project (5) (4)





I know I’ve said it before, and so many others have too, but please be safe, kind & careful. Things are crazy right now, even in the best of countries. We all need to look after each other and while I can’t offer anything other than bookish words and cute pictures, I hope they served to distract you from everything for a short while.

-Sarah & co.

(& by & co I mean me and my animals)


2 thoughts on “Mid month check in | Isolation & Friends

  1. Studying, reading and just everything hasn’t been easy lately. Congratulations on high grades!!! I really need to pick up my stadying game. My exams were cancelled and there are no forseen date, so studing without a deadline has been very challenging. Lol

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