July TBR #1

Hello bookworms,
it’s been nearly 2 months since I consistently wrote blog posts.
Let’s fix that shall we?

My first sesemter of uni is over and done with now, and I have nearly a month off. It’s been four days since that ended and I finally finished a half finished book, and read a manga. It feels so good to be back to reading, that I’m already thinking about this upcoming month where I have nearly the whole time off. So why not spend it reading?

This TBR ideally runs till the 15th-ish, and you should be seeing another one after that…. should.
Anyways let’s get into it!


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With the worldwide pandemic and all that going on, I have 2 review books left, and in this first chunk of July will be conquering LEVIUS EST #2! Sent to me by HarperCollinsNZ


Well now isn’t this new? I won’t explain why there is a section for star wars, you’ll just have to keep your eyes open for future posts, but in this two week block I want to finish QUEEN’S SHADOW & read REVENGE OF THE SITH.


I picked up AOT #4 last weekend and was sorely dissapointed by it, so I don’t want to let that dissapointment taint my love for the series, so I’m rushing into ATTACK ON TITAN #5 and also picking up WAITING FOR SRING #1 which was gifted to me by the lovely readacrossthestars (you should all check her out)


For once, this catagory is empty. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by putting too much on my plate so check back on my next TBR to see if I add any ‘other’ books!

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