Quarterly goals July-September

Hello bookworms,

I sat down to write this post thinking ‘oh, this will be easy, grab the quarterly goals out of your reading journal and talk about ’em, people wont mind that it’s in the middle of a quarter already. Quick, easy, fast’ And then I realised it was July. The start of a new quarter. ****.

So, let’s look at what goals I had last quarter, and adjust them to fit THIS quarter!

Now I won’t hold myself accountable for what happened reading wise last quarter. It was my first experience with a heavy study load and assignments that I truly felt I might fail in, and so reading was no longer a priority. But I will list what goals I had last quarter, and if I think they were effective.


Read or unhaul 15 2019 or older books.

I unhauled…….. 34 books, I would say 95% were 2019 or older, and they were just books that at one point in time, yeah I wanted to read, but now I don’t. I really enjoy this goal each quarter as it pushes me to read more of my older books. But I might have to drop it down a bit so I can accompish my other goals

Read 10 Novels & 10 Other type books

This assumes I will read 20 books in 3 months which normally is insanely easy. However, 10 novels in 3 months, when I don’t prioritise reading is near impossible. This one might need some adjusting but I think it should stay

Make progress in 3 series.

I don’t see this as much of a prioity anymore, I want to get through books, bu I’m not so fussed if I don’t get through series fast. So this one will be going.

Keep Manga under 25.

What a joke! Something happened and bam my unread manga collection is now at …………….. wait 29? I was thinking it was ay like 35-40! Okay, this can stay and obviously has been working decently well as my Manga collection hasn’t outrageously grown.

Keep 2020 tbr under 30

See, this was working…….. and then I got obsessed with star wars and joined a star wars reading group and thus I am now out to collect EVERY legends and canon novel in existance………… I’m starting to think this might work, but might need to exclude my star wars books because oops? Minus star wars books, I’m sitting at around 40

So let’s start looking at my new goals



Read or unhaul 10 2019 tbr books

I wanted to bring this down a little just so I could focus on my other goals while still getting some of my old TBR taken down!

Read 10 non novels & 9 novels

I’m aiming for 3 novels a month and 3-4 manga a month and I think that’s achievable if I put my mind to it.

Keep Manga TBR under 25

I’m 4 off this at the start of July so if I put effort back into reading, I know I can get down to like 20 by the end of this quarter! I like to have a small but diverse TBR and this helps with ti!

Keep 2020 tbr under 30

Plain, simple & effective! I know I’m over this amount already, but hopefully with some careful picking of what I read, I can bring it back down.

Read something that isn’t Star Wars, Manga or YA each month.

Why this? Well while I was thinking of what to make my last goal, I looked at my 2019 TBR page and could see so far I’ve mostly been picking up these three genres and nothing else. I don’t like to force myself to read what I’m not feeling, but I also don’t like to get stuck in certain genres and forget others exist. So I want to force myself to see how many I can do. I would like to aim for 1 a month.


So, those are my goals for the upcoming months, and I’ve got to say, I’m excited to get back into reading and challenges again!
It’s a strange feeling to be so excited to be reading again, but I love it.


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