Hi bookworms
Welcome to the second TBR of the month.
How do you guys feel about me doing two tbr’s in a month? It seems to be working out really well for me!

You’ll see in brief how the first half of the month has gone for me in Friday’s post, but you’ll have to wait till the end of the month for my full reviews!


New Project (5) (4)

So now let’s talk about what I’m going to be reading


So, I’ve actually picked back up into the readathon and surprise surprise, I am back on track with everyone which I am super happy about. For the rest of the month, the reading order goes AHSOKA, LORDS OF THE SITH and while everyone else is reading Tarkin, I’ll be going back and reading DARK DISCIPLE.

New Project (5) (4)


I’ve been in a manga mood, or maybe it’s just a reading mood but anyways, I want to continue on with the series I started/picked back up recently so first I’ll be reading WAITING FOR SPRING #2, then ATTACK ON TITAN #6 and finally BANANA FISH #1 as I restart that series to finally feel the pain that I know this will cause me.

New Project (5) (4)


And finally I’m hoping to fit in somewhere, THE GIRL AND THE STARS. I think I’ll be picking this up pretty soon, because I want it read before I go back to uni on the 20th but we’ll just see how I go with that.

New Project (5) (4)

If I manage to read all this that will be 4 novels & 3 manga, it would be a reading miracle, so I’m not holding my breath about it but it would be amazing to after such a long reading slump.

What are you planning to read next?


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New Project (5)

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