3 places to start reading STAR WARS


Hello bookworms,

Today I am finally making a post about Star Wars. This is something that has taken over my life for the last 2 months, and I wanted to share some of the info I’ve learned and some advice for those of you who are interested in entering the book world of Star Wars.

*DISCLAIMER* I have literally only known star wars for 2 months (yes, I know, I know) and I have not read past AHSOKA in new canon chronological order. If I make a new post in the future I will try to link it here.

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So, at the start of this year I had brought two books that will be mentioned below, because even I didn’t know where to start, and had plans to one day attempt to read them. Then I became good friends with three amazing people on Instagram Allie, V, and Kriz. These ladies LOVE star wars and from a mixture of them posting wonderful stories about them, and tiktok being flooded with star wars cosplayers, I reached out and asked where to start with these novels. They got me so excited that I started reading THE PHANTOM MENACE, and then V got me into a canon readalong group hosted by Kendal, and I’ve been obsessed since.

TL;DR those four amazing people tagged above made me love star wars and now I’m addicted.

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I started with THE PHANTOM MENACE so that I could get a feel for what the movies are like and I LOVED it. But since then, I have been going in CHRONOLOGICAL order for the NEW canon (new canon is the reimagined world since Disney brought star wars) and after this I will be going CHRONOLOGICALLY through LEGENDS. Both of these are with the reading group I’m apart of and while I’ll pick and choose for legends, I’m trying to get through most if not all canon with this amazing group! I am also watching every movie after I read the books and I’m slowly watching the clone wars!

Thus far I’ve read (in order of how I read them NOT in chronological order)

The Phantom Menace – Terry Brooks

Attack of the Clones – R. A Salvatore

Master & Apprentice – Claudia Gray

Queen’s Shadow – E.K Johnston

Revenge of the Sith – Matthew Stover

CURRENTLY READING: Ahsoka – E.K Johnston

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WHERE TO START (in my opinion)

Start with the movie canon adaptationsΒ 

Of course, if you want the shortest route, I would avoid legends till you’re caught up! So this would mean you would start with MASTER & APPRENTICE by CLAUDIA GRAY. This is a book that focuses on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn, two main characters in the first chronological star wars movie. Claudia is an amazing author and this book was honestly REALLY well done.

Start at the beginning of the ‘new canon’ era chronologically

You could, like me, start with THE PHANTOM MENACE by Terry Brooks ! I picked this as I could watch the movie afterwards, and I knew it would be the best book to get me hooked as it was one I could talk to anyone who had watched the movie about! It’s a good place to start if you’re thinking about just reading the movie novelisations, or you have a rough knowledge of star wars and want to stick with characters you’re familiar with.

Start at the very beginning in chronological order of the EU

Finally, if you’ve watched all the movies, or really want to dig into an EXPANSIVE world (Guys there’s over 100 books in legends so, be prepared) Then you can start with DAWN OF THE JEDI: INTO THE VOID by TIM LEBBON. I haven’t read this one, but it was commonly recommended to start at the beginning of Legends to get an understanding of the world, and then jump around, or continue chronologically!

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Of course, those three ways aren’t the ONLY way to read star wars, but they are the ways I recommend, and I hope that is enough!

If you have other recommendations, please leave them in the comments and remember not to spoil anyone!


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