5 books to read before 2021

Hello bookworms,

isn’t it weird t be thinking about the books we should be reading before next year?
I swear it still feels like 2019 but yet the days and weeks keep slipping by.

So I sat down and had a think about what books I’ve been saying I would read time and time again, and then setting the goal to actually read them, finally. Here are 5 books I’m planning on reading before 2021!

2020-07-19 12.22.40 1.jpg

5 works out to 1 a month so expect to see 1 of these books in my tbr each month!

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why volume 3 ? Because that means I have to read volumes 1 & 2 first. This is a series I started last year in digital format and fell in love with. So I decided to buy the physical copies as they’re not currently being reprinted, and thought I should start over with it, but I just keep putting it off!

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It’s funny, I really enjoyed Cinder, and I have tried to read Scarlet twice now and have actively enjoyed reading it, but I never make it past the 100 page mark. I want that to change because I own fairest as well and I need to know if I want to continue the series!

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I caved and brought this after staring at this book lovingly for so long. I’ve been wanting to read it for ages and all my friends rave about it! I don’t want to let this sit on my TBR for too long so I need to read this before the end of the year!

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If there’s one book on here that scares me the most, it’s this one. I know I will either love it or hate it and I want to love it. Dark adult fantasies are generally my jam and I love a good morally gray character. I’m just worried it wont be the book for me!

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and finally


I preordered this because I knew I was going to want to read it after that shocking ending of Wicked Saints, but I’ve been putting it off as I know I’ll either take a year to read it, or be all consumed by it and finish it in 3 days.

New Project (5) (4)

So there are the 5 books I’m going to try and read before the end of the year, it’s late in the month already, but if I want to complete one a month I need to get started, so I’ll either be trying to read volumes 1-3 of Banana Fish, or read Red Rising first!


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New Project (5)

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