A double readathon weekend !

Hello bookworms,
how are you?

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Today I have the exciting news of saying I’m FINALLY joining in on a readathon! 24-48 hour weekend readathons are what work best for me, and these TWO readathons are perfect!

So what are they?

THE BASICALLY READATHON & DEWEYS 24 HOUR REVERSE READATHON are both happening on the 8th of August, so you KNOW I have to sign up !

First things First, you can click on those links to get more information about these readathons !

DEWEYS, has no challenges, but BASICALLY has one to read a book that has been on your TBR forever! 

Now, Basically’s readathon runs from midnight Saturday 8th your own timezone and Deweys starts at 8pm EST on the 7th! But for me that works out to 12pm on the 8th! So, in all reality, I’m reading from when I wake up Saturday, till when I go to sleep Sunday because I really want to make the most of this weekend!

Obviously, you don’t have to read as long as I am if you join in, since I’m obviously going to be counting these readathons as nearly 48 hour readathons but PLEASE feel free to join in!

Onto the TBR


Banana Fish, volumes 1-3


This fit’s the challenge of read a book that has been on your TBR forever. I read volumes 1-5 in 2019 before I went to Europe, however it wasn’t until months later that I started collecting the physical copies, only to realise there isn’t a scheduled reprint (in manga this can often mean once it’s out of print, it can be years before they will reprint) So, because I have forgotten what I’ve read, I am starting again from the beginning, and aiming to collect the whole series by the end of the year. I know it’s going to break my heart but I guess I’m too invested to care, oops ?




This is one that I recently picked up thanks to a friend and is also one of the shortest books on my TBR. I’ve always enjoyed speculative fiction and Japanese novels tend to fall into this category so I thought this would be perfect for a readathon!




I’m reading for 48 hours, if I don’t end up having much else on that weekend, and if I still want to read more, I will pick from these TBR jars! The shorter one is all my unread manga & the taller one all my unread novels. It’ll be a fun project to try and fit in on the last day!


I will be writing up a blog to go along with the readathon that has updates every few hours and a wrap up of how I went so keep an eye out for that! 

Are you participating in either of these readathons? If so, let me know down below.


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