Mid month check in

Hey bookworms,
I think it’s fair to say this is still my favourite post type to write. Theres something so relaxing about the process of this, so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it, but I am sorry this took so long! Uni has left me feeling creatively drained, hopefully that doesn’t last!




Life has been calming down over the last two weeks and I’ve been trying to recover from the stress of the last while.
Uni started back up, and for once I was surprised to say that I’m understanding what’s going on and I feel like I’m keeping myself on track which is nice.
Honestly besides studying, all I have been doing is playing animal crossing. I wish I was joking but it’s become my life. I restarted my island a month ago, and in the last week or so I’ve been trying to get a rock garden going (don’t try to get one going, just don’t)

And besides that? I’ve been failing at a readathon. Last weekend I had planned to read 3 manga and a small novel for 24 hours. I started off strong, I started half n hour later and read two manga back to back, and then I told myself I would take a break…………….. then I watched two star wars movies back to back and moved stuff on my animal crossing island. Sunday rolled around and I had lost all motivation to read and so I gave up.  I still read two manga which I’m glad for, but yeah, that was a fail. Maybe readathons really arent for me.

To top it off, lockdown is starting again and things are just going crazy, so to deal with it? I’ve been playing excessive amounts of animal crossing



The Poppy War
R F Kuang
4 stars
This was really interesting! There were parts where it felt really slow but for the most part it was VERY solid! waiting for book 2 to turn up now

Banana Fish 1
Akimi Yoshida
5 Stars
Be still my heart I forgot how painful this series is ugh. Wonderful though.

Banana Fish 2
Akimi Yoshida
5 stars

pain, pain and more pain.




funnily enough, I didn’t even read what I had last mentioned as what I was ‘currently reading’ nor what I was excited to pick up next. I ended up putting down Revenge of the Sith so I could go back and continue in chronological order, regardless of the speed that the people in my reading group were reading at. And then I got ensnared in the poppy war, and didn’t end up reading the girl and the stars which is genuinely a book I am SO excited for.

Regardless you’re not here to hear about last months failings, right now I’m currently reading Dark Disciple by Christie Golden and that’s been a mixed bag! I’ve been loving some aspects but then I hate Ventress so deeply for some things she does that it’s hard to read about her in a positive light. Definietly glad I’ve picked this novel up though and I do intend to try finish it by the weekend!





Read/Unhaul 10 2019 books(last month:0) (this month: 1)

The poppy war is from 2019! This is good as I really want to work on getting my TBR down

Read 10 non novels & 9 novels(last month:5 & 1) (this month:3 & 2)

8 non novels and 3 novels. I knew non novels would be super easy to hit but it’s definitely not great that I am only 1/3 of the way through my novel goal when I am halfway through timewise. Hopefully I can catch up later on this month. To do so would require reading 2 more novels this month, and 4 next month.

Read something that isn’t YA, Star wars or Manga(last month:0) (this month:1)

The poppy war is DEFINIETLY not a YA fantasy so yay for reading something from a different genre

I won’t be keeping a monthly total of Keep Manga TBR under 25 & Keep 2020 TBR under 30 because the idea of counting that every month hurts my head




So, this month has been…. lackluster to say the least with reading and I blame a good portion of that on Animal Crossing because I am totally unable to take blame for myself.

But, for the rest of the month, I’m going to set low goals!

Abhorsen – This was my TBR jar pick and I AM excited for it, this is a series I adore and I don’t think I will ever get bored of, but the problem is I am so preoccupied with AC that I might have to invest in the audiobook of this…… well see



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