Welcome September | TBR

Hello Bookworms,
How has the first few days of september treated you?

For me, as this post goes live it’s 9am on Friday the 4th of September and I’ll probably just be drinking my morning coffee, pulling a tarot card for the day and being assulted by my dog. It’s just the state of my life now and I’ve accepted it.

But, we’re here to talk about what I want to read. This is a larger pile than most which is unusual for me as I often stick to 1 novel and 2 manga, so perhaps this pile will last me the whole month? we will both see come the middle of the month, wether I write a new TBR or not. Maybe this one will need some sprucing up by then.

the tbr…

A buddy read.

Ahsoka by E.K Johnston
I fell behind in my star wars read along but I have every hope that I can catch up, and next on the list is Ahsoka, I’ll be reading this with some people i truly admire and I can’t wait to really meet Ahsoka for the first time.


I’ve been quite bad with keeping up with my own manga, and that needs to change. Last month i told myself I would read volumes 1-3 of Banana Fish for my 5 before 2021 and I only read the first two! So without futher ado, on my TBR for this month are

Banana Fish volumes 3&4

My Hero Academia volume 2

MHA is a series i truly want to sink my teeth into and so I’m genuinely excited to get to both of these.

5 books to read before 2021

Normally, I would have something here except I don’t this month. Banana Fish volume 3 sort of works to cover this field, but as I DNF’ed Scarlet last month, I am now ahead by one book. So I’d like to read Banana Fish volume 3 and then if time and my mood permits it, get a head start on maybe Red Rising? the other option is ruthless gods, so you might see one of those in my wrap up, if not, you will next month.

My Dark Academia needs

While The Picture of Dorian Gray isn’t really a dark academia book, it is one that fits the vibe and mood. DA is a vibe I have begun to emulate in my life and slowly, on my instagram. it’s been an enjoyable change and a big shocker is, it’s making me study better and feel happier. So to fufill those fantasies of late nights on black coffee staring off into the night while scribbiling definitions and explinations of metaphors into margins, I will pick this book up

Peer Pressure

I’m calling it that, but I say it with love. Two of my really good friends whom live far too far away have ‘bullied’ me into these. V recommended Crescent city as its fun and the perfect slump kicker. It defineitly sounds up my alley and I’m willing to give SJM another go.
My other friend, let’s call her Venice, ‘politely’ forced me into picking up inferno simply because its what shes reading and apparently somehow is simillar to our current predicament in this world.
In all honesty I wouldn’t read these if I wasn’t in the mood but if I don’t like them you can catch me blaming these ladies.

So that’s it. 4 books and 3 manga. I will be truly happy if I can get through all of these by the end of September, but even if I end up missing one of them, I think that’s okay.

What are you planning on reading for September?

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