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Weaving Fiction is a literary-based blog made on March 22nd 2017 by a girl who wanted a place to talk about books.

This blog is a place for book lovers, old and new alike to come together to hear about some books I’ve loved, and even some that while I might not have, you might! I want to keep my corner of the internet positive and friendly, a place for open discussion about books and life, and I hope Weaving Fiction has achieved that.

Reading takes us to so many places, that if I were to make a list, it would be endless. We can be transported to fantasy lands, the far reaches of the galaxy, and sometimes even to our home towns. There is nothing quite like a book in the way that it pushes us to reach new places and ideas every time we open one. I would like to think, there is a book for every person in the world, at least one book that will make you feel warm inside and seen.

I hope this blog helps you find that book x


IMG_2718Hi! Welcome to weaving fiction, my little corner of the internet. I’m Sarah, the sole author/runner of this blog.

I started off my love for reading when I hid under my blankets with a torch to read the Daisy Meadows ‘Rainbow Fairy’ books. Like most teens, I took some time off, thinking it wasn’t cool, and then got sucked back in with Twilight and the likes.

In 2016, I decided that I wanted to do more than just read books, I wanted to talk about them, and that’s how this place came to be. Not long after I was working with publishers and authors alike. Now, as a twenty-something-year-old, I spend my time working in a bookshop, reading far too much, and on occasion, working on my novel.

Ask me anything, comment anything, honestly the world is fair game. All I ask is that you spread kindness, not hatred, and I hope you find a new favourite book in the process.

Sarah x