humanity at it’s finest | DRY REVIEW

DRY NEAL & JARROD SHUSTERMAN Writing Style/Quality: 3 Plot: 4 Characters & their development: 4.5 Originality: 4.5 Pacing: 3 Personal enjoyment: 4 Final rating: 4.5 WHAT I LIKED –the realism -the characters -the show of humanity, both good and bad WHAT I WAS MEH ABOUT -the pacing was off WHERE DID I GET THIS BOOK FROM Walker Books AUS GOODREADS … More humanity at it’s finest | DRY REVIEW

best books of 2019

Hello bookworms, Can you believe it’s already the sixth month? halfway till the year is over? I swear as you get older, time runs faster. Today I thought I’d look back on the books I’ve rated 5 stars so far this year, and have a little talk about them so, in no particular order here … More best books of 2019

CAN YOU SURVIVE ? | The never game review

THE NEVER GAME JEFFREY DEAVER You’re left with five items.  A watch, a nail file, a lighter, a pen and a bottle of water.  You’ve been abandoned. Escape if you can. Or die with dignity.  Writing Style/Quality: 3 Plot: 3 Characters & their development: 4.5 Originality: 4 Pacing: 5 Personal enjoyment: 4 Final rating: 4 WHAT I LIKED –the characters … More CAN YOU SURVIVE ? | The never game review

Marvel Booktag

I found this tag on KRISTEN @ KRISTEN KRAVES BOOKS blog and I just had to give it a go as I used to devour Black Widow comics. IRON MAN: A BOOK THAT MADE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD SCYTHE – This book features two main characters who are so sassy. They’re constantly bantering with each … More Marvel Booktag