September, spring has arrived and I’ll be honest. I’m not happy about it (me and summery weather just don’t work). Things in my life have changed so now my close friend is living with me, and because of that, I haven’t been reading or on social media as much. I can’t decide if it’s a … More SEPTEMBER TBR


Ah August, the month where I get to say goodbye to my beloved Winter and prepare to say hello to Spring, but alas, this post isn’t about my distaste for the heat of summer months here in New Zealand, but about my TBR & Plans for the month! BLOG POST PLANS! Try 5 books WWW … More AUGUST TBR


It’s July…. no no no, when will this year just put the breaks on and stop for a moment? you blink and its the seventh month. Honestly I feel like as I get older, the years go by faster and that’s not so fun. But back to reading, I had an amazing month last month … More JULY TBR